William Dreadbane

Born a simple farmer from West End, Will was to be a member of a great party. He joined up with some companions who began exploring the countryside. Along the way, he discovered a great adamantium greatsword. The sword's name was Eve, and it promised Will that he and it belonged together. Throughout the adventure, the sword suggested various ways to keep Will alive ranging from Brave to treacherous. He stayed alive, and with his party, the Company of the Red Spear, he found his way to the city of night. There, amidst a great battle, Will and his party entered the nexus of the prime material plane, the demiplane of Dread, and the demiplane of shadow. As the God of the demiplane of dread approached the party with his hoard of demons, Will shoved Eve down into the soil. The magic of the sword began to sever the connection between the demiplane of dread, the demiplane of shadow and the Prime Material Plane. Without a weilder however, this could not happen. So with tears in their eyes, the Company of the Red Spear fled through the portal from which they came, as Will stayed behind. Finally, the portal seperated the realms, with Will caught in the demiplane of Dread. He was brutally tortured, until a divine assassin went to the plane to end his life of torture. Rest in Peace Will.

Ben, Company of the Red Spear, Councilperson of the Council of the West, High Priest of Finder.

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