Lo, and I will reveal unto you the lay of Whistle the Frightened (he got the name whistle by his use of arrows that make a whistling noise as they come at you; the frightened was added by a dwarf they met who admired Cyric for his aggressiveness and thought archers were cowards).

Whistle was an Erunsil elven raider who left his home in the Veradeen to protect his close friend Cyric the Frost Demon (direblade) and through there adventure they came across this oruk by the name of Rend. Now Rend was a mighty foe and realized that Whistle's bow might bring him down so he arranged for the bows to be stolen by a tribe of satyrs who feared for their lives. Rend although a bastard of an oruk is basically an honorable warrior and is looking for the fight of his life against a worthy opponent and Cyric went bravely to face Rend in single combat.

Rend dual wielding vardatches brought Cyric down within moments but admiring his bravery and noticing that Cyric wears the ears of orcs as a necklace around his neck as a warning to other orks decided rather than killing Cyric he'd simply rip off his ear and keep it as a souvenir. Finally Rend kicked Cyrics limp body down a hill and yelled for his companions to collect their wounded.

Well this is when Whistle the Frightened lost his mind and without his trustworthy bow decided to throw a knife into Rend's back as he was returning into his motte and bailey. Well as I stated earlier Rend is an Honorable warrior and faces his enemies face to face. He despises archers who he views as cowards. Using the feat Greater powerful charge and a variety of other tactics Rend basically exploded Whistle the Frightened all over the field of battle.

His companions took him back to a ruined temple called Asperon and buried him there. Xionne blessed the burial site with an Icewood Tree and Whistle has ascended into the Whisper.