As Valvanaries travel through a thick wood, he was attacked by a gang of 3 trolls, 12 orcs, and 20 goblins. using his greater greatsword, the Godslayer, he defended his position through the orcs, their arrows, the goblins and their axes, and even fell the trolls. His quest called for a greater purpose, and blood fell all around him. as he cleaved and hewn flesh around him, he was impailed by three poison arrows by distant Harpy Archers. usuing a burst of magic, he cast Blight of Chaos on them, causing them to fight each other to death.

as he bled out, breathing ever slower and slower, he realized that he did not have any antidotes. using the last of his magic, and even his own blood, he placced a spell on his dying body, tying his soul to a new vessel summoned by him long ago.

As his old body died, his new body rose from the remains of his old home. He became StrelSulg, the fast darkness.

May Valvanaries rest ever more