I had a 1ed 1st level mage as my very first character. I really don't remember his name, as I didn't have him that long. Anyhow, I am running middle of the pack for my very first adventure, extremely proud to be an all-powerful, all-knowing wizard with my one Magic Missle spell. I am just the character that this party needs to save the world from evil and become rich beyond our wildest dreams. So, we're walking down this nameless corridor in a nameless dungeon, and we turn the corner, only to suprise a band of orcs who are torturing a couple of human captives. Being the all-powerful, all-knowing wizard of legend, I jumped to the front of the party to smite these evil minions of hell with my powerful spell... 30 seconds later, after killing one of the 6 or so, I was drawing up my second character.