This was a bunch of PC's that were in the Dream World in SG2 while it was being written by use of playing D&D.

list of themEdit

they were divided into teams, because they weren't all together until the end. except Christian, who didn't die, because he's the main character and when he dies he always comes back.

good teamEdit

prince Kalik - a little clawed armored thing

Shroder - a Fighter Zora

Evil groupEdit

Jewbedia (later: dark Jewbedia (later: spawn Jewbadia (later: Lord Dark Jebedia))) - Dark


Markus -

How did they die?Edit

Well, the evil overlord was unbeatable, so in a futile attempt to save the world from eternal darkness and suffering, they all banded together to fight him, with all the power in the world behind them. They got Pwned utterly. the end.

Possible reasonsEdit

  • Chritstian was weak in this one, in 3 and 4 he pwned everything that moved.
  • Christian's Girlfriend was in the way.
  • Christian was deported from the dream world by the others, actually, this was futile, as he was getting pwned too...
  • Christian didn't have the Dream Sword, that doesn't exist until SG4