While seeking the orb of knowledge in a giant underwater shell, a group of adventures encountered an Emerald Dragon. The dragon offered to give them what they sought if they could defeat her and her children without killing them.

Shelvra had transformed into the form of a shark and was blocking the mouth of the shell until the fighting started. The mage's first spell brought forth the fears of the youngest dragon, scaring it to death. Shelva darted forward to help her comrades and was caught in the dragons second breath, nearly killing her. As she fled, the elder dragon followed and struck her down. Her companions could not reach her in time to stop her from bleeding out.

The elder dragon, now sorely wounded tried to resume negotiations, but the group was overcome with grief for her loss, and forced the dragon to flee. The party cut the heads from the dragon's children and left them on spikes, stealing the hoard as well.