Shadowmaster... We were running the “Harlequin” adventure “Past”, in Munchmaussen. The two characters, my Phys Ad and the Otter Shaman, had succeeded in infiltrating the Baron’s castle. Unbeknownst to us, since the Baron had cameras in our hotel room, he knew we were coming. In order to find out whom we were and who sent us there, he allowed us to penetrate in his castle in the hopes of capturing us and interrogating us. We make it close to his library, and get ourselves locked up in the “broom closet” that can be remotely locked. We cannot seem to get out. The Shaman decides to go find a way out astrally, but meets Goldi Schonbosom’s first Fire Elemental and gets the (astral) fillings knocked out of him. The second Elemental manifests in front of me. Being a Phys Ad with the Killing Hands power, I attack it… Boy, did I ever regret it… The dice did not roll well for me, and the Elemental engulfed me before I could react. As my character was in his death throws, the nagging suspicion that I was forgetting something important was confirmed. Looking at my character sheet, I remembered that I had decided to bring along the Rocket Launcher for this mission, and that I had not fired a single shot, so all the rockets remained… The explosion resulting of the engulfed rockets destroyed the entire top floors of the Castle, including the Baron, Goldi, and the book we wanted to get… Oh, the Fire Elemental died too… :)

Category: Spectacular Death game System: Shadowrun, 2nd Edition