Name: Rune Dog
Other names: Rune Doggin'; G-nome.
Player: Danny
Species: Gnome
Gender: Male

  • Sorcerer 15

Age: Like 100
Occupation: Professional Adventurer
Title: The master of circles
Family: Unknown
Current status: Deceased, killed in the principalities of Glantri.

Death Number 1 Edit

Red dragon?

Death Number 2 (Iron Golems) Edit

While adventuring in the principalities of Glantri, in the dead principality of {?}. Along a roadside checkpoint long fallen into disuse stood two huge iron statues covered in rust. The gate between them stood closed, and the guard posts above were vacant, a sad testimony to the disaster that had befallen this kingdom some 30 years prior.

Rune Dog took point and advanced to the gate, attempting to open it. Unfortunately, the gates were rusted shut with disuse. Even less fortunately, the two statues on either sides of the gate turned out to be iron golems, which came to life at the attempted intrusion.

Rune Dog was instantly hit by a blast of poisoned breath from one of the golems. Wisely, he decided retreat was the best course of action. Caught between the two of them however, he could only attempt to cast Dimension Door in a desperate attempt to escape the trap. The other golem, however, was too fast for him, and smashed in his skull with a doubled-fisted oversized blow to the head.

The party managed to escape the golems and blast down the gates telekinetically. Troy of Karameikos rescued Rune Dog's body.

Rest in peace, Rune Dog.