A bunch of hungover people decided on one dreary sunday morn to 

roll the dice and create some characters for a one day D&D fest. Being hardcore gamers in a campaign of good alignments this would be different dungeon. Any aligment would do. A recipe for certain disaster! Our doughty cleric John would transform himself into: Rohan the reckless halfling thief

without peers. Poor john, typical cleric, we  kept him in the back 

and have saved him for healing, no glam no glory.

he wanted Nay he NEEDED to bust out

kick ass and chew bubble gum. So he picked....rohan.hmmmmm Being a big Lord of the Rings fan ( long before the movie this was

1983) i took offence at the use of a countries name for a 

character.Rohan taunted and laughed at me through the campaign. I mocked him. Dissent was rampant as one group of the party split off after a duel between two player


half orc( drunk in real life) and a monk ( born again christian)

dont ask me why these people played D&D together. I kept rohan
close, and used the distraction to hatch my plan a plan of murder

! a murder that no one could prove. Tim a gnome illusionist , had earlier bought it under a thick wet


blanket of grey ooze he had failed to detect above him. After he had dissolved and we burned the ooze and in the process of

scraping the gold  coins he had in his pack out of the reddish 

slop he once was, i hatched a plan. On watch that night i stole away with rohans metal helmet and filled it

with grey of grey ooze. then returned and placed it back beside 

his sleepiing impish foolish form. he awoke and with a yawn or two placed the helm on his head. he failed a saving throw and began to dissolve.

 Of course while my plan was being formulated he had left the 

room so he knew nothing in advance.

 I had my revenge but not before in he cursed me, and dissolved
with nary a whimper.
However during this time a full melee had broken out with rohans

allies and my homies. We had the victory, but it was short lived.

As we pulled our 

reddened blades from there inert bodies and before you could say

"cure light wounds" a company of orcs , attracted to the fray 

charged into the mix of us and bested us handily . total party kill. semi self inflicted.

murder was sweet even in defeat!!!