Ricky Larenzo Thomas was an evil half-Elvin magic-user/cleric of Lovitar. The party (the Gawd Squad, named so due to all members being either clerics or paladins) was going through a dungeon sunken into a swamp at the time. We came across some zombies on the way in, and everyone went to turn them except Ricky, who went to control. A bad call, as he was the only evil one in the bunch.

Moving onward after some argument, zombies in tow, they came down a hall with a muddy floor and a door at the end. The party debated about searching through the mud or not, and decided Ricky should send his zombies to investigate the mud. Ricky, being impatient and sick of the arguing, replies with "I'm not wasting my zombie's time looking around in some muck for whatever junk might be there, we're going to the door!"; his famous last words.

As he and his zombies walked through the mud, a green slime dropped from the ceiling and landed on Ricky, immediately starting to devour him and turn him into a green slime. With only seconds to spare, Ricky reached for his only potion he had, a random potion they had found earlier and drank it. Ricky and the green slime went *poof* and turned into a gaseous form, completely ending any chance there might have been at saving him. The party didn't exactly mourn the loss.