Regina, having written a book on the supernatural was eager to experiance it first hand. A little old Asian man who ran a pawnshop agreed to show her a haunted house, She brought along a proffesional investigator to look for trickery at the house. The group found a moving bed in an upper bedroom, and then headed for the basement. The little asian man that not only had he brought an assortment of firearms, he was also carrying a Katana! When he offered to guard the top of the stairs she was glad, as she was more nervous about him then what she might find lurking. In the basement there was only a ghoul or zombie, quickly dispatched by her ladies revolver and a poker wielded by the PI (although some shreiking was heard, it was certainly not Regina making such a noise.

The little Asian man welcomed the triumphant investigators back up the stairs with a shotgun blast. As she collapsed in a spray of blood she heard a ghost laugh using the prawnbrokers mouth. His mind hand not been strong enough to resist (POW=6, human avg=11)