Ral Swordswinger was a Warrior who decided to take up a life of adventure with his brother Kai. On there journey they met a few like-minded souls to round out their group. On one adventure, while the brothers were seperated from the rest of their group, Ral charged off after a fleeing adversary, leaving kai to face off against 5 others. When the group returned kai had been killed and picked clean of all his gear. Ral and the group didn't have the kind of money to have kai resurrected, so they instead had him reincarnated. Kai the human Ranger was now Kai the elven Ranger.

Over the span of a few days Ral teased and taunted his new "sister" to the point where Kai snapped, and during a fight in their latest adventure, he shot Ral in the back with an arrow that peirced his lung. At the same moment the arrow struck a misfired flesh to stone spell hit Ral turning him into a statue in pure agony. Instead to restoring Ral to life and flesh, the groups halfling Mage shrunk and sold Ral at market for a tidy sum. Shortly after this Kai died again and was again reincarnated, this time the Humn/Elven Ranger was a Leopard who ran off into the forest.