Mordo the Spaz (careful! He who laughs at Mordo the Spaz soon eats Aimlessly Flailing Death!) was a berserker, created under the (IIRC) "Unearthed Arcana" ruleset. He was true to his calling, as well - when he received a cursed sword, whose curse was that it must be used to destroy a living or unliving being within 10 minutes of being drawn (if not, the wielder would go berserk on the nearest possible target; if alone, he would berserk on *himself*), Mordo didn't see the problem.

Mordo was involved in a number of increasingly bloody battles - until I fell in with a group who tried to avoid fighting overwhelming forces. At one point, the party was trying to sneak through a drow undercity, in which they had imprisoned a dragon. Whenever the party came near the dragon (through the circuituous tunnels), Mordo would draw his sword, in order to be ready - only to have the party's leader negotiate with the dragon, or whatever other force they'd just run into with the power to destroy everybody. (Did I mention that Mordo had an INT of 8, and a WIS of 5?) He would have to run off into the tunnels, screaming nasty things about drow mothers, so he could get into a fight and use that sword.

One fine day, the party was crawling a dungeon inhabited largely by creatures from Chaosium's "All the World's Monsters". We encountered a room with a magical darkness within, from which we could occasionally see a flailing tentacle. Mordo, of course, charged in, screaming in bloodlust. The rest of the party waited until his screaming stopped, then quite sensibly peppered their unseen opponent with arrows and spells from outside the room. When the darkness dissipated, they entered, to find a dead giant ground octopus - and walls that were smeared with the mortal remains of one late berserker...

I've always said that Mordo died as he had lived - in an orgy of mindless violence. :-)