In a Star Frontiers game many years back, the group was exploring a polar research base which went out of contact with the orbiting space station. (This adventure was based on the movie The Thing.)

They soon discovered that a horrendous monster was loose in the base, and were hunting it down. Mike's character peeked around a corner and saw movement through a darkened doorway at the end of the hall. He fired three explosive gyrojet rockets from his pistol into the room at the thing.

Unfortunately, the room was jam-packed with fuel of every type, generators, powerpacks... basically anything with explosive potential. (The previous crew of the base had hoarded the supplies here, to make their last stand.)

His rockets detonated the contents of the chamber, and in all I rolled damage at 1,001 points per character. (In a game where PCs normally have 40-60 each.)

The explosion destroyed most of the base, and the entire PC crew.