Marisa was one of my first mage characters I ever played. She lived for about 2 weeks before her untimely death, and her ghost blames the party she was with. While exploring a dungeon complex, the group stopped at an intersection and hesitated on which direction to proceed. No problem, she thought, and the group suggested that they move right away from the water-filled passageway to their left. The passage had stepping stones placed at various intervals along the passage, but it was clear wading would be required to reach the end of the passageway that then turns left into darkness. Party wastes more time, still unsure which way to go. Marisa grows impatient, and it's her impatience that kills her. Still, after seemingly hours of debate over which way to go (which it actually was only 10-15 minutes, but irritatingly long for Marisa), she cast a Jump spell and proceeded down the left passageway, hopping all the way. Being human, she couldn't see around the bend in the corridor at the end of 30 feet or so, but she didn't care. Boing! Down to the end of the 30 feet, and boing! left she goes.


She Jumps one final time headlong into a solid stone dead end about 5 feet in from the corner, knocks herself out, falls backwards into the water and drowns before the rest of the group could reach her. Heh.

Shortest-lived character I've ever played. Killed by character impatience.