Welcome to the RPG Graveyard!
Most role-players have had traumatic experiences during their careers - a beloved player character whose career was tragically cut short by an unlucky dice roll, the cruel whims of the game master, or the treachery of his fellow PCs.

Well, this website is your opportunity to commemorate these people for all the world to see. Tell us who they were, what the unfortunate circumstances leading to their death were, and how the world (and their fellow PCs) remembered them.

How to add your character's death:
  1. Type your character's name in the create box
  2. Type your character's story
  3. Add two categories to the bottom of the story:
    • A "type of death" category such as [[Category:Darwin Award]]
    • A "game system" category such as [[Category:Vampire]]

To add your character to the Graveyard, enter his/her/its name in this box:

Dead Characters
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