In a one-shot evil adventure, Krug found himself as the most overpowered in his party of fellow evildoers. When the evil hideout was besieged by a force of elven good-doers, Krug descended towards the ramparts, crossed the drawbridge, and engaged the small army singlehandedly. Having only to cast heal on himself but once, Krug reduced the entire force to two measly elves that he then power word: blinded with the intention of "playing" with them. The two soldiers spread out to opposite sides of the drawbridge, and so Krug decided to bull rush them off the side and into the moat. A few horribly successful rolls later, the first elf to be rushed managed to simply avoid it, and the DM ruled that Krug's momentum would lead him to fly off the bridge himself.

And, naturally, the moat was filled with not water, but a tangle of lethal, pointy spikes that meant instant death for the orc, who was so close to complete victory only a round earlier.

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