3rd Ed. D&D

Kishara was an Amazon Fighter that specialized in fighting two-handed with a spear. For a time she successfully adventured in Cormyr (Forgotten Realms) with a company that included a female dwarf (Atilla) , a rogue (Cer) , and a wizard.

The band was quested to recover hostages being held captive by Derro to the north in volcanic caverns between Anauroch and the Desertmouth mountains. The stealthy descent into the mountain was uneventful with a few minor encounters where Kishara leveled (for 6th) and took Whirlwhind attack as her feat of choice.

A fight ensued once the hostages were located and freed, and as the adventurers led the captives out by a different passage than the party had proceeded into the volcano, the party happened upon a Derro ceremony in progress in a huge vaulted cavern. There were at least four savants, half-a-dozen hellhound aberrations and more than fifty derro (Probably closer to a hundred derro) in attendance.

The party tried to bypass the ceremony via stealth (Move silent, Invisibility (For the mage) & Hide in Shadows) however, failed, whereupon the entire host fell upon the hapless band.

Eager to try out her whirlwind attack feat, Kishara charged ahead into the fray and quickly downed two of the quadruped aberrations. She separated from the party pushing deep into the center of the cavern, and was surrounded, with two hellhounds, two savants, and four derro simultaneously attacking her, as well as receiving additional wounds from several poisoned crossbow bolts, and being targeted by some of the savant spellcasters nearby.

She dropped two more Derro, and continued making her fortitude saving throws, however went two consecutive rounds without scoring a single hit using the whirlwind attack feat with foes in every square around her.

As she wavered and then fell the remaining party members successfully extricated themselves from the fight and led the captives upward to freedom. She died in a sunless volcanic cavern. It was a good death for a fighter.