Kevin was playing a fighter in a D&D game. His band was carefully moving through a dungeon, and laying down several 50' ropes tied together as they went, so they could find their way back to the entrance.

They came across a gaping pit where the floor had given away. Kevin's PC eyed up the width of the hole, and figured he could jump it, landing in the darkness of the tunnel beyond. Just to be safe, he took the end of the rope they were using and tied it about his waist, so if he missed, the rope would catch and the party could pull him out of the pit. His last words to the group were, "If I scream, run."

And he lept.

It wasn't until he was airborne that someone asked, "Hey, did we remember to tie the other end of the rope to anything?"

Sadly, Kevin's PC missed the far edge, plummeted down the 50' shaft with 300' of rope tied about him, secured to nothing. He screamed the whole way down.

Naturally, the group ran, before he even hit the ground.