Keredwen was probably the most powerful character in a party of adventurers who were moving overland through the forest of Lesser Thynt in Albia. She was a sixth-level Magic User (D&D, pre-AD&D and pretty freeform) and had already acrued a bit of fame and wealth. She had been involved with the group's scout, Hassar, for several weeks and had become less haughty with the rest of the party, seemingly as a result. She was quite smitten. It is very likely that she had heretofore been a maiden pure.

One evening, the group prepared to camp beside a pond. Out of a nearby grove of trees, a terrible basilisk emerged to attack them. Keredwen was turned to stone immediately. This was not all that uncommon a fate in that day and age and would not have been so cruel in itself. However, the GM, at the request of Keredwen's player, determined that Keredwen could see, hear, etc anything that happened in her vicinity.

That meant that she noticed when Hassar, a practical man, hid behind her while shooting arrow after arrow at the basilisk. The basilisk was able to get close to her and Hassar had to resort to attacking it with his sword while others in the party also whacked it about. Before the creature succumbed, it bit Hassar rather severely and seeing this may have caused Keredwen some distress.

She got to watch him recover, under the tender care of the Druid Gwendolyn ap Owen. She got to watch him linger in his bedroll after he had recovered, talking to Gwen and making entirely too much eye-contact. She got to watch Gwen come back from standing watch and slip into Hassar's bed-roll and give up her virtue several times in that night and many more in the three nights that they camped there. She got to hear the vows that the two lovers spoke, each night more fervid than the last.

She got to stand, her consciousness mercifully receding, as a woman of stone, in the forest of Albia. Forever.