Not one of my own characters, but a PC in a campaign I was DM'ing.

Helena, a rogue of noble background, had joined a band of adventurers named "The Professionals" heading out for their debut adventure, quest into a forgotten temple overrun by goblins. The Professionals were a fairly typical band of 1st level PCs, with the distinction that each of the characters possessed a rather mercenary, self-serving streak. Ms Greel was no exception.

En route to their destination, they encountered a pilgrimage of the insane followers of an (admittedly minor) evil doomsday God. While the vile monks slept, our heroes disarmed their sentries and deprived the pilgrims of their wealth before beating a hasty retreat.

It was decided that, given the cumbersome nature of the pilgrims' treasure, it would be buried so as not to impede progress through the temple. Should anything untoward happen to the party, the treasure could be used to finance their rescue and if necessary, their burial.

And, then shortly after, something untoward did happen, due in part to stupidity, bad luck and the fickle forces of DM-alevolence. The whole party was captured, with the exception of Greel, who eluded the Goblins, and the group's hapless bard, whose share of the loot would be destined for the services of an undertaker and the purchase a small but tasteful urn if it ever saw daylight again.

Helena Greel knew what she had to do. It involved a shovel, a sack of loot and the employment of a number of strong and cunning men from the local village... who built a modest cottage for her where she spent the rest of her days, until being struck by lightning some years later. The remaining Professionals were never seen again.