It was in AD&D 1e. All I remember about this character, is that he wanted to become a bard, which in this ruleset required much time and dual-classing. However, he didn't last long enough to see his dream come true.

So, "Gwrir Gwalstawd Ietoed" (I remember the impossible name now!) and his fellow adventurers arrived at the base of a cliff they had to climb. Since Gwrir was the only thief in the party, he climbed the cliff, intent on tying a rope on top of it for the others to come. Once on top of the cliff, he looked around and saw nothing. So he turned back, watched down the cliff and screamed to the other PCs that all was well.

Just at that moment he was pushed by an invisible foe, and plummeted to death a hundred feet below...

I had a long and heated argument with the DM, but in the end Gwrir remained dead. :(