The good Friar was a servant of the Faceless God. He was a fairly good guy, albeit less than sound on doctrine and more than a little bit lenient with himself vis a vis his vows. He was part of a group seven travelers trying to get across ThunderScum Swamp. They had no other goal, really, just getting to the Yhula River Valley alive. The good Friar had been promised an easy gig at a monastary in The Haven and each of the others had his or her own reason.

One afternoon, Friar Chacon was a bit careless and his foot was caught in one of the tentacle of a squid vine. It hurled him to the ground and was drawing him in but there were two army veterans and a ranger of the swamp hurrying to destroy the vine, which was only a minor threat.

The other member of the group, a mysterious woman named Black Sonia, ran up to Chacon and tenderly cut his throat. As he he expired, he heard the following dialogue.

Sonia: "He was helpless on the ground. What else could I do?"

Ranger: "At least it didn't get the pack mule."

fade to black.