Dangly was a halfling thief-bard who nicknamed himself "The Prince of Thieves", although he was only 9th level, and had never been involved with any thieves' guild. Nonetheless, as a reward for his help in rescuing a clan of dwarves, he got his name of "Dangly Prince of Thieves" carved on a high cliff.

Anyway, shortly therafter "The Prince of Thieves" met with a tragic death. Dangly and his band of adventurers were in a vampire's lair under a hill. At some point the mage decided to climb alone a stair to see what was above. Dangly followed as stealthily as he could, while the other party members waited behind. Arriving on top of the stairs the mage encountered the vampire who threatened to kill him. The mage answered: "Try to do that, and I break my Staff of Power..."

So, when the mage did break his Staff of Power, Dangly was just behind, trying to hide in some shadow to not be seen by the vampire. The conflagration entirely destroyed the top of hill. Dangly and the vampire were vaporised. The other party members remained safe far below, while the mage was thrown into another plane alive (and later eventually managed to come back into the campaign world).

Nobody ever heard again of that "Prince of Thieves" whose name was carved on a cliff... :(