Charlie LeGrange, bluesman and Dreamspeaker, talked to angels and snakes. The game was rife with inter-PC conflict, and one of the major ones was between Charlie and Rat. Rat was a street kid who wasn't really a mage. Over the course of the game he got a squid-spirit (i forget the name) bound into his soul. He was using it to infect street gangs with the virus and was one of the dodgier party members, sacrificing some of his own friends (street kids also) to power a ritual we were doing. Worse, he imprisoned Charlie's very powerful Snake totem. I could exorcise the Squid spirit, but I chose not to... i basically wasted time while i decided whether i was 'good' or 'bad'.

I had Snake back. A long sequence of events had ended with the world ending and being rewritten. The party were safe for a short time, and I pulled out my spirit sword and went at Rat. He knew what was going on.

Iniative was rolled.

Charlie LeGrange's neck twisted, his mouth starting to elongate as he merged with Snake, a powerful totem. He goes for Rat, who is stretching, becoming more squid-like...

  • SNAP*

Charlie LeGrange's head lies severed, bit off by a 13 year old and his Chulthoid spirit. The party is doomed; with nobody to lead them off to the umbra they are subject to the rewriting of the world.