In my first game, a group of 4 Solars found themselves in the center of a Shadowland, whithin the Citadel there. This Citadel was the home of Song of Weeping Joy, a fairly experienced Abyssal. At one point the Zenith and the Dawn Caste (Remy and Cain respectively) split up from the group and came upon a small hut. They could hear the sound of someone working out inside. Remy had a thought, and so, had Cain stand next to the door, while he knocked and stepped back. When the beautiful Abyssal opened the door, she remained just inside. Remy insulted her and her religion while she was quite civil. She stepped out, and Cain brought down his Grand Daiklave. Song of Weeping Joy activated her combo, Chasing the Crimson Fox. She parried Cain's attack, then lobbed off both arms and decapitated him. She finished off her combo by slicing Remy across the shoulders, not quite breaking them off, and landed a crushing blow to his midsection. Remy would later recover, and come back with the others to kill Song of Weeping Joy...but Cain would never walk Creation again. ~ Terk