Azira was a bard in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I played in with some friends. He was handled by a new player that was more used to computer roleplaying games instead of pen and paper. Needless to say, he did a lot of stupid things (sleep with terrible looking whores, seeing lullaby's to mechanical owlbears) but nearlly killing a Count with a poison dagger was the capper.

He had a favor from a separatist druid and we forced him to call it in to remove a 20th level cleric (this was before the times of Epic handbook) out of our way, which was done without a problem. The assassin brought back the dagger, which made Azira think that he needed to show someone. The first person he thought of was a Count that he knew, so he rode off on his own, eventually made it to the manor, showed the dagger to the Count (without telling anyone that it was poisoned) and the Count cut himself with it.

Well, needless to say, the poison nearly killed him, which made the Countess mad. Long story short, the Countess plunged the dagger into Azira's chest and that is how he died, as an example to those who might attack the Count and his people. Granted, it was all just done out of stupidity, but still... A glorious death.