Agnar Iversen was an agent at the Comittee for Internal Security and Intelligence (Komiteen for Indre Sikkerhet og Etterretning) who nearly managed to sneak up on his teamleader Roy Kenneth. Roy Kenneth didn't recognize him in the darkness and shot him, breaking his collarbone and putting knocking him out. Since they picked up an agent and only had five seats (there were 5 agents originally) they patched Agnar up and put him in the trunk.

Approximately an hour later Agnar woke up and panicked. He deftly picked the lock to the trunk from the inside and jumped out of the car. Which at the moment was moving at 120 km/h (75 mph). His left leg was ripped off and he went into a coma. Roy Kenneth backed the car, went out to see if Agnar was dead and proceeded to crush his skull between his fist and the asphalt.