Life's not easy when you're part vampire. But, hey, it's Eberron, so you're not even the freakiest thing around.

After two years (real time) of many adventures (including Morrick Mansion, The Grey Citadel, The Banewarrens, and other fun transported to the land of Eberron), Adotiln was hot on the trail of the vampire who turned his grandfather into an undead horror. With his fellow Citadel agents, nothing seemed impossible, despite being a character two levels behind in hit points and skill points due to his vampiric bloodline. Hit points? Who needs hit points? Apparently, a vampire bloodline rogue does....

In fetid sewers beneath the city, the Citadel agents approached the vampire lord. We had one clever tactic going for us. We knew the vampire was some sort of spellcaster. We had a monk. We had some odd magic item (a bell of silence, or some such item). Mr. Monk activated the bell and approached the vampire, making it impossible for him to cast any more spells.

Meanwhile, all the characters are getting nickle-and-dimed by the minions. Not a big deal, we'll just retreat individually, drink potions, and re-join the fray. It's a S.O.P. for our group.

As Darkeyes got more and more battered, he began to withdraw to gain some healing. As he does this, the vampire lord did two things. First, he rose to the ceiling (you don't have to speak to activate your fly speed if you'd already cast the spell, after all). Then, just to get rid of the annoying bell of silence so he could cast more freely, the vampire lord (hovering above the zone of silence) cast an explosive blast fireball.

Bye bye, vampire bloodline rogue, caught in the edge of the blast radius. He wasn't even the target of the spell, and he had evasion (with a kick-ass Reflex save). But the dice were not with him that night, and he died. Thanks to "great-grandpa" vampire lord using explosive blast fireball to get rid of a 2000 gp magic item that hurt him in the fight.

After the rogue died, the rest of the party mopped up and escaped with nary a scratch. Thus endeth the life of Adotiln Darkeyes, vampire bloodline rogue of Eberron.