This one is the "most Darwin Award" of characters' deaths I ever witnessed...

It was back in AD&D days, when a Hold Person spell was much more powerful than it has become in 3e.

The party consisted in three adventurers. At some point they entered an underground lair which was under construction. Some orcs were building a temple to their god. There, the PCs eventually found a wide corridor with an opening on each side, and a large double door at the end. The double door opened on a dark space beyond, while sounds of mining came from one of the openings. The PCs did approach cautiously, and stealthily peered through the opening from which the noise originated. They saw three orcs with tools digging a room in the stone. Without planning anything, even without thinking, the three adventurers drew their weapons and charged onto the orcs screaming like madmen.

Meanwhile, an orc cleric was praying in the dark room beyond the double door. The PCs, of course, didn't know, as they had not bothered to take a look at it. So, the orc cleric was suddenly drawn out of his prayers by forceful screams and sounds of battle. He came to investigate, and discovered three intruders butchering the orc workers, without concern for what could happen behind them (the room opening)...

The orc cleric did cast a Hold Person spell. It could affect up to three targets... and incidentally, all three adventurers failed their saving throw. The orc cleric, CE in alignement of course, plus considering the orcs butchered, and alone with the three held adventurers, didn't waste his time trying to think about what he should do. He did slit their throats one by one.

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